• Aarushi Sharma


    SkillStone has an impressive range of resources to explore and utilize. The mentoring sessions provide ample opportunities where we can learn and execute our ideas. The recognition of talent & hard work along with supportive management and trainers make us stand apart.

  • Nikhil Sharma


    One of the best learning experiences I have had has been at SkillStone. Highly-interactive sessions by mentors, as well as doubt-clearing sessions have helped me learn a lot. The training environment and infrastructure is excellent which makes for the best learning experience. Trainers provide support at all stages of the training. I am very satisfied and highly recommend SkillStone.

  • Butesh


    My journey at SkillStone started as a Salesforce trainee and it was one of the best learning experiences I have had. The training helped me learn practical ways of finding solutions and concepts necessary to grow a business. The internship was a valuable experience and has prepared me well for my career.

  • Paramvir Singh


    Learning with SkillStone has been a great experience in the last 6 months. The internship included many responsibilities necessary to run a business. Each day brought different opportunities for me to make decisions on my own and learn from successes and failures. My internship was a really worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career.

  • Yogesh Mahajan


    I have been interning at SkillStone for the last six months. The internship covers well-organised training material and has a flow that enables easy learning. My trainer and teammates stand by my side, which has eventually led me to grow as a professional engineer. The internship was a really worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well by providing me with a headstart for my professional career.

  • Loveraj Joshi


    I started out as an intern at SkillStone during my last semester of college and immediately felt welcomed throughout the entire office. Upon graduating, I found myself in my first full-time opportunity working with an amazing company, doing something I enjoy, with my career progressing both professionally and personally.

  • Partyush Kumar


    My journey at SkillStone has been an awesome one. The training is completely focused on the overall development of professional engineers. I’ve learned a lot about my domain and my learning is in progress. SkillStone’s training sessions, material, and doubt-clearing sessions made me feel that I am at the right place. The Learning Management System consists of all required training modules, assignments, and experienced trainers. I am privileged to be associated with SkillStone.

  • Aman Malhotra


    I think that joining SkillStone as a fresher has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have had the chance to think out-of-the-box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow. I am grateful to have been trained by Mr. Atul Rajput and Mr. Tariq Hussain, who taught me every little thing from basic to advanced topics. I find myself among a superb group of trainees who share their experiences in a spirit of mutual benefit. The SkillStone management has the ability to tap into trainee potential and recognize talent. I have learned a lot and feel gratified to be associated with SkillStone.

  • Gulshan Bajaj


    SkillStone has been my best training experience. The training plan was right up to the mark. Moreover, the mentors and doubt-clearing sessions enabled me to get through the training with ease. I grasped new concepts and have grown to become industry-ready. The friendly nature of the mentors and instructors has only improved my learning experience. I am very happy and satisfied, and highly recommend SkillStone.

  • Rachna Mehra


    I am now able to better apply theory into practice. I am given a decent amount of time to absorb what I learn. And if I get stuck anywhere, I can always get my doubts cleared. The training infrastructure is well-managed, with a boardroom for training and other HR activities. Every trainee has been assigned a desk to do their work. My instructor is very engaging. I also think that the training schedule is very effective, with several breaks throughout the day. The last 6 months at SkillStone have been a great learning experience.